We can work together! There are four main things which I could be doing for you:

1 – Create new collaborations

I like to connect dots and advice people and organisations on the opportunities they have in networking outside of their comfort zone. I am imagining, for example, that you:

  • Have an interesting heritage asset (e.g. a collection, a building, a story).
  • Are looking to develop this asset (e.g. upscaling, disseminating, investing, etc.).
  • Need reliable partners in new contexts (e.g. other countries, sectors, socio-cultural demographics)

Guess what?There are many out there who need you as much as you need them. Let me help you with that! I have worked with many different people and organisations all over Europe and beyond and can help with:

  • Vertical collaborations between policy and practice, for example between intergovernmental policy framework makers and local implementers, and vice versa.
  • International partnerships in the fields of history education, cultural heritage and remembrance.
  • Project-based assembly of teams in the fields of conflict transformation, education, ethics, history,international policy making and relations.

2 – Smart Fundraising

All actions need resources and most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have the wallet needed to realise our ambitions. So we raise funds. But often we go blind into the game. We don’t know the field. We see a deadline and we dive headfirst into the paperwork – while we actually don’t have any time! We don’t know the expectations or the ideas behind certain opportunities. Often a time-consuming and stressful process unfolds. Due to over a decade of work with many different donors and projects, and with lots of trial-and-error, I’m able to help with:

  • Conceptualising your ambition (concept notes, position papers, etc.);
  • Identifying relevant policy and funding frameworks (opportunities index);
  • Proposing concrete fundraising,networking and advocacy actions. (strategy papers, road maps);
  • Co-creating and coordinating the development, review and delivery of a full proposal, or partial steps (e.g. Policy/literature referencing, Logical Framework, Theory of Change, Gantt, Pert, etc.)
  • Reviewing and quality assessment of ongoing proposals for maximum alignment to donor priorities and references policies.
  • Advising on formation of fair and high quality consortia for complex proposals.

3 – Training and Capacity-building

If sharing is caring, then training is building capacities. I am very glad to share my professional experiences with different target groups through dedicated, and tailor-made training. In particular I can be of value in:

  • European Union: advocacy and programming
  • Fundraising: concepts, methods,leads
  • Leadership coaching
  • Professional development for historians

4 – Talking and Moderating at Events

I like talking and from what I’ve heard, people don’t mind listening to me. Have been appointed Ambassador by EUROCLIO, and am a comfortable public speaker at events related to my fields of knowledge and interest. I am also a happy moderator which puts both the audience and speakers at ease while keeping a good eye on the time, conversational technicalities and take-away’s. In particular I am glad to moderate talks at international events.